About us

Once upon a time, we tumbled on a different taste of Yoghurt. Did we mention that this is not another yoghurt but “the Yoghurt” that awaits your taste and approval. The original taste of this yoghurt is rooted in the hard work by the billions of Probiotic strains (cfu) that do the hard work of converting our farm fresh milk into yoghurt. We started R&D of this product after an inspiration from the benefits of ProBiotics.

We are situated in Komamboga, on Gayaza Road Kampala. We would love to welcome you at our facility one of these days.

We  started from humble beginnings but with a rock solid formulation based on tight R&D. Our recipe was crafted and conceptualized with love and your health as the driving factor.  We take hygiene very seriously and pack every bottle with love. We assure you of the very best, highest quality yoghurt in Uganda.  Our business has been built on the core principles and values of commitment to 100% all natural, fresh, local produce home grown.

We are trying out new things every day to bring you the very best yoghurt nature has to offer but strive to preserve the dairy traditions of this country Uganda. We hope you enjoy this taste of our Probiotic Yoghurt but more importantly as we build your immunity against common pathogens.

Where can I find your products?

Very soon, you will be able to find us in all major supermarkets in Kampala. This section will be updated as open new outlets in Kampala.

Can I find your products at any supermarket?

No. We are still in negotiation with various supermarkets to bring our products and services near to you.