At Last, Our Expert Food Smiths Have Crafted and Perfected this Famous ProBiotic Yoghurt Recipe and Now We Want To Share It With You. Allow Us to Tease Your Taste Buds Again and Again.

Just Goodness in a Bottle.

Award-Winning taste that you can literally touch. Come for the taste, leave with a pack of ProBiotics benefits!

Close Your Eyes Momentarily and Enjoy the Sweetness!

Close Your Eyes Momentarily and Enjoy the Sweetness!

Made in Uganda.

Why is Probiotic Yoghurt good for you?

Your microbiome is one of the most important aspects of your health. You can purpose to shape its makeup through consumption of foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics. Our Probiotic YoghurtTM is loaded with more than 12 strains of live and active culture in billions, that are beneficial to your body and ready to revitalize your gastrointestinal system. The nascent process of making yoghurt using probiotics, does not only produce a tastefully different yoghurt but one that is packed with health benefits. If you are finicky about calories, we want to let you know that our Probiotic Yoghurt TM is low on fat and sugar but big on TASTE.

How does the science of probiotics work?

There are trillions of bacteria in a healthy gut and these bacterial communities have been with us for thousands of years. In addition to aiding in digestion, they are believed to protect us from pathogens and other bad microorganisms from colonizing our gut system to make us sick. They are also linked to a healthy body, and other factors such as body weight, asthma and acne. Having the right and friendly strains of microbes may help keep us healthy in the long run. Populating our gut with the right probiotics is not a one off but may require a planned and consistent intake of probiotics but in small amounts.

If they are natural and have been with us for so long, why do I need the probiotics?

Well, you know how easy it is to purchase antibiotic drugs from any pharmacy, even without a prescription. In addition, the use of antibiotics is sometimes inevitable, especially after surgery, and to prevent secondary infections as we treat diseases like flu which are clearly caused by viruses. As the antibiotic drugs control the occurrence of secondary infections, they may kill off the beneficial microbes and thus the need to replenish them with probiotic supplements or foods rich in probiotics such as Probiotic YoghurtTM. We are committed to providing you a product loaded with billions of colony forming units (CFU) of microbes to replenish you, as you enjoy our mouthwatering, tasty yoghurt. Taste  it to believe it. It is one of a kind. NEW TASTE, FRESH, SMOOTH.

  • Crafted with love

    Each Bottle is packed carefully with love. We care so much about you but even so about your health.

  • Melodical by nature

    The melodies in the taste of our yoghurt will surely give you a dance of the esophagus! Remember to close your eyes momentarily as you enjoy the sweetness!

  • Lightningly Smooth

    So smooth, so very smoothe!

  • Wakes up your taste buds

    Tastefully different.

Quality Ingredients Plus Care Equals Deliciousness

Mouth Watering Probiotic Yoghurt In All Your Favorite Flavors: Vanilla, Coconut, Strawberry, Pure Coffee, Granola and the Virgin (Plain).